Where can I buy Traveler Beer?

Traveler is available in select areas throughout the United States. Check out our beer finder for a list of locations near you.

Where can I get a Traveler Beer Company t-shirt or pint glass?

You can order Traveler Beer gear at our online store. We also encourage you to attend a Traveler Beer event in your area for a chance to win Traveler prizes.  You can find our full calendar of events here.

What is the alcohol content in your beer?

All of our beers come in at 4.4% ABV. For more information about our beer, check out our beer page.

Will you sponsor my event?

If you’re interested in Traveler Beer Company sponsoring your event, please take a moment and fill out our sponsorship request form. We ask that you give us a minimum of 4 weeks lead time for any sponsorship requests.

Can I visit your brewery?

We’re  based out of Burlington, VT, however we contract brew our beer out of state. We don’t offer any tours or tastings at our Vermont offices.

Are you hiring?

Check out the Jobs section of our website for all current openings.

Are Traveler beers Kosher?

Yes, the following Traveler Beer Company beers are Star-K Kosher Certified: Curious Traveler, Illusive Traveler, Forbidden Traveler, Jolly Traveler, Jack-O Traveler and Time Traveler.


If you’re experiencing an issue with your beer, please call 800-210-9589 or shoot us an email.