WHAT:     To the Traveler Blog! Think recipes, Shandy shenanigans, tips and tricks from the Traveler team, mustache madness, info on special releases and some good ol’ fashion FUN. Did you know you can be the official sponsor of “fun”? Turns out you can’t, actually. So we’re unofficially sponsoring it on our unofficial blog of fun. And it’s going to be unofficially awesome.

WHO:     Loud and proud drinkers of Shandy

DATE:     All day, every day…

TIME:     …starting now.

WHERE:     We’re coming to you live from our home  in Burlington, Vermont but you can read from wherever you are across Shandy land.

DIRECTIONS:     Hop on Highway World Wide Web, take a right at www.travelerbeer.com, then a left at the Unofficial Fun sign, cross the bridge and you’ll arrive at the blog.

WHY:     Because fun is fun, we have a lot of it and we can’t wait to share.

PLEASE BRING:     A sense of humor, good vibes  and a Shandy. We don’t take ourselves too seriously so please don’t take this blog too seriously.

RSVP:     No RSVP needed, just come by often!

* This blog is BYOB but  best read with a Shandy  in-hand. Gluten allergies cannot be accommodated unfortunately.