You know the type. The ones so important they have their own national holiday… some even have a whole MONTH dedicated to them. Well February just so happens to be National Grapefruit Month (a very important fruit to us at  the Traveler Beer Company) so we’re celebrating by bringing you a list of the 12 most important fruits in the US of A in chronological order, based purely on the fact that they have their own official holidays.

1. National Apricot Day

January 9th

2. National Grapefruit Month

February (now!)

3. National Cherry Month

Also February (also now!)

4. National Strawberry Day

February 27th

5. National Strawberry Month

May… a day AND a month!

6. National Papaya Month


7. National Watermelon Month


8.  National July Belongs to Blueberries Month

Yes, that’s the actual name of the holiday.

9. National Peach Month


10. National Apple Month(s)

September, October AND November.

11. National Pear & Pineapple Month

October… and yes, you must celebrate both apparently.

12. National Pomegranate Month

November… just in time for Jolly Traveler!

Looking to celebrate?

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