The tickets are booked. The clothes are laid out on the bed. The suitcases ready to be packed. Multiple alarms are set so you don’t miss your flight. You’re as prepared as you can be, but that means nothing when it comes to holiday travel.  There’s always something that goes wrong, but lucky for you, we’ve got the perfect solutions.

It all starts in the morning when you’re so tired you don’t wake up to your five alarms…

Solution: Jolly Traveler. Get yourself out of bed, pull up the beer finder on your phone and locate the nearest place to get Jolly Traveler upon arrival.


Or Maybe you can’t find your keys on the way out the door – we all know how that goes.

Solution: Jolly Traveler. Panic for a minute, regroup, locate your keys, get to the airport, pull up the beer finder on your phone and locate the nearest place to get Jolly Traveler upon landing.


Or maybe, your travel nightmare starts at the airport, when your flight is cancelled due to an unexpected snow storm or polar vortex.


Solution: Jolly Traveler. If you’re stuck in the airport for the night, that leaves plenty of time to find a 6-pack of Jolly to help lift your spirits.



Best case scenario? Your flight is on schedule, you’ve made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare, but you go to check your bags and they’re overweight. Oh no!


Solution: Jolly Traveler. Pay the fee for the overweight bag, then pull up the beer finder on your phone to find all the stores with Jolly so you can get the best price on a 6-pack upon landing. At least you’ll save money on beer, right?


Maybe your trip doesn’t involve air travel, so you think you’ve dodged a bullet. Wrong. Chances are likely that you’ll get on the highway and find yourself stuck in traffic with thousands of others travelers looking to leave town at the same time. UGH!


Solution: Jolly Traveler. It’s the light at the end of that long, slow, traffic jam tunnel and it’s waiting for you when you finally make it through.


After spending hours cooped up in a car, you get out to greet your friends and family, only to realize you left the lasagna in the fridge. 


Solution: Jolly Traveler. Make a beer run while you’re out buying a frozen lasagna at the grocery store. Maybe pick up some cocktail fixings to make any of our Jolly Cocktails! You might need something a little stronger after the travel day you just had…


Noticing a pattern? No matter the nightmare, Jolly Traveler will never disappoint. It’s the jolliest traveler around after all. And if you’re not traveling for the holidays? You’re still going to want to sip on our Winter Shandy made with orange, pomegranate and holiday spice. It’s oh so nice!


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