Now that you’ve dressed up like your favorite Pumpkin Shandy, it’s time to adorn the house  with some good ol’ Jack-O lanterns. But not just any Jack-O lanterns.  Traveler Jack-O lanterns.  Jack-O  Jack-O lanterns.

And if free-handing a pumpkin masterpiece isn’t your forté, we’ve got you covered with three  stencils to help you step up your pumpkin carving game this Halloween.  Rest assured…these designs have been tested and approved by three of our own. Shout out to Mackenzie, Elizabeth and Rebekah from the Traveler squad for their stellar pumpkin carving skills!

Check ’em out…



Think you can do better?

Download your own Jack-O Traveler stencils  and get carvin’!

And don’t forget to have a cold Pumpkin Shandy waiting for you when you finish. You can  find Jack-O  here.