The Evolution of Grapefruit Shandy!

In case you missed it… we  rang in 2017 with a (re)fresh(ing) new look for Traveler Grapefruit Shandy!

Though we’ve switched up the label, the same delicious beer remains. Check out Grapefruit Shandy’s  evolution over the years!


The Green Ol’ Days

Signs that you’ve been with us from the early days? You remember this label!


Pink is For Grapefruits

The year we  remembered that grapefruits are pink on the inside.

IllusiveShandy-Front-2015 IllusiveShandy-12ozBottle-2015-low

Becoming Less Elusive…

…err Illusive. You get the point. Keepin’ it simple.

TBC-GS-6Pack-Front Grapefruit-Traveler-12oz-Dry

Brighter Days Ahead!

Packaging to match the bright and refreshing beer inside.

TBC-GS-6Pack-Front-LO TBC-GS-12oz-Bottle-LO

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