Halloween is upon us and we know finding the right costume can be stressful. Group costumes can take some of the pressure off when looking for the perfect spooky (or not so spooky) outfit, and what better way to make a statement than by turning into your favorite Pumpkin Shandy!? We’re getting ready for Halloween at the office too and decided to recreate a life-size version of our Jack-O Traveler 6-pack. Check it out!


  • Cardboard boxes – we started with TWO boxes (about 2′ 5″ L x 1′ 9″ W x 2′ H), but any large boxes will work
  • Box cutter or scissors
  • Packing tape, stapler, and/or superglue
  • Paint – we used spray paint as a fast and easy way to cover the entire box, but you can use any type of paint!



1. Find 2 large boxes.

If you can’t find huge boxes, connecting medium size boxes until you get the size you want works just as well.

2. Cut one edge to open up the boxes then open the top and bottom flaps.

3. Tape the bottom flaps to the inside of the box to make it sturdy.


4. Make it even sturdier – staple, tape or add extra cardboard on the inside of the box.

Not only will using staples, tape or extra cardboard make the box sturdier, it will also add height to the box when you connect the top flaps. Now you have a life-size 6 pack!

5. Leave a door!
…Unless you and your friends plan to stick together the entire night (but that could get tricky if you need to go to the bathroom).


6. Every 6-pack needs a handle. Cut a slit on the narrow side for the 6-pack handle to sit in.

Remember to add extra height to the handle to account for the depth of the slit.


7. It’s built! 

Shout out to our intern, Caitlin, for her cardboard construction skillz.


8. Spread the cardboard out on the ground and sketch the 6-pack design on the front and back.

We went with Jack-O Traveler for obvious reasons. We recommend using a pencil, but if you trust your artistic abilities, go for it, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!


9. Head outside ’cause it’s time to paint! 

We found spray paint to be the quickest and most efficient option but acrylic paint works too. To reach those detailed spots, spray paint into a paper plate and use a brush to get into the twists and turns of the pumpkin. Don’t forget to take breaks while you paint!


10. Add the details.

You can download, print and cut out the Jack-O Traveler 6-pack logo here. We used double-sided tape to stick the wording onto the box.


11. Every 6-pack needs 6 beers. 

We used aluminum foil pie plates as the bottle cap and spray painted them black. Feel free to get creative and add the Traveler logo to the top! You can also download and print the Jack-O Traveler bottle label and tape it to black or brown shirts to create 6 delicious Pumpkin Shandy bottles.


12. Photo-Op Time!

Grab 5 of your friends, your bottle cap hats and get ready for a kickass Halloween. Don’t forget to sip while you DIY!