Traveler IPA Shandy

IPA Shandy never understood “Status Quo.” From a young age he did everything in his power to fight it. His rough and tumble, anti-establishment spirit brought him to parts of the world where others dare not venture. IPA Shandy spent years living among the Sentilese, being one of the only foreigners to ever set foot on the island. He moved to Barbados where he combined his love of citrus with his passion for wild beasts, building a home, which allowed him to cohabitate with lions, tigers and bears. And even after an unfortunate spat with a lion named Leo where he lost his eye, he still continued to share his home.

There wasn’t a boundary out there that IPA Shandy wasn’t willing to push. He took that mentality to the beverages that he drank. While his friends were drinking Shandys and IPAs, he thought to himself, “why not combine the two?” And so he did. And the result was delicious.

4.4% ABV

Seasonal Standing

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