Forbidden Traveler

Driven by supernatural curiosity and ambition to unearth the unexplainable, the Forbidden Traveler probes the earth to uncover mysteries of the past. Shunning the bureaucracy of academia, F.T. sets his sights on those once-in-a-zillion lifetime finds that others dismiss as mere fantasy. F.T. concentrates his efforts on unearthing locations.

After years of exhaustive research, including many a dead end, he recently found himself deep in the Congo, his team’s machetes barely able to cut a path through the dense foliage. Then finally, an opening. There before them was a lush, fertile valley, brimming with the most beautiful flora and fauna they had ever seen. In the middle of the valley was the most perfect apple tree with an enormous serpent hanging from the highest branch. Could it be true? Had he found the ultimate prize?

We proudly present the Forbidden Traveler — a crisp fellow with a taboo disposition.

Forbidden Traveler is a crisp, wheat beer made with real apple. Its bright effervescence will catch your eye, while its refreshing aroma will tempt your senses. It’s here for the picking, just take a sip.

4.4% ABV

Seasonal Standing