Sit back and relax. Traveler Beer has arrived to take you on a trip from here to refreshing. It’s a satisfying trip; a quick one that starts the moment that first sip hits your taste buds. A sophisticated blend of carefully crafted American wheat ale with fresh and refreshing ingredients. What ingredients? Well, that depends on what kind of Traveler you are.

We’ve unleashed a family of beers so surprising and delightful that no matter how you travel, it’s always the same destination–true refreshment of body and soul. Wherever you are, refreshment is just a Traveler away.

The road to refreshment begins here. Click here to find Traveler Beer in 6-packs or on draft in your neighborhood!

The Traveler Beer Company started in 2012 as the House of Shandy Beer Company, with a mission of combining the European Shandy tradition with American craft beer ingenuity to create the first American craft Shandy. In 2013, House of Shandy was renamed The Traveler Beer Company to allow more freedom for exploration.