Tropical vacation just not in the cards this winter? Fear not!

One sip of Aloha Traveler and you’ll be transported straight to island time.

And if you want to really get into an #alohastateofmind,  check out these epic ways to enjoy our Pineapple Shandy.

3. Out of a Pineapple

Pineapple Shandy out of a pineapple.
So obvious but so so good.

2. Out of a Coconut

Put the Shandy in the coconut…
and mix it all together! 
Via: Pure Wow

1. Out of a (Mini) Watermelon

Noticing a pattern here?
Round and fits a whole lot of Shandy. Boom.
Via: Tipsy Bartender

Or you can just drink from the bottle.

So epic.

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and then show us how you’re getting into an #alohastateofmind!